We are a young, talented, and wildly obsessed pack of social media strategists, content creators, and media experts.

Who we are

We are a Jakarta based digital marketing company focused on maximizing our clients’ media investments to drive better customer-centric results. Pipilaka is the old Sanskrit word for ‘ants’ – and just like their dedication to their Queen, we’re obsessed with helping our clients blaze their best trail out of this galaxy.

Our philosophy


Discover with us new ways of marketing your brand


Create powerful marketing campaigns that produce lasting impressions


Grow your brand awareness and cement your position in today’s fast-moving markets


Become pioneers in your industry and leave behind competitors in a trailblazing fashion

Our specialisms


Strategy & Planning
Digital Marketing Strategist
Skilled Content Writers
Analytic & Data Mining
Social Media Strategy



Planning a standout campaign for your products & services? You need a mix of advanced competencies to create powerful communication strategies to reach and influence your target customers successfully. Through market research & analysis, we’ll help design a blueprint for your business to compete with an advantage.


Digital Ad Buying
Media Buying



Is your business conducting an event of product or service launching, seasonal sales or new offerings? Through a wide range of targeted ads platforms, our team of skilled campaign executors will help select the best media placements for your campaign, direct your message to the right audience, and build your brand awareness.


Digital Design
Photography & Video Production



A range of creative production, including brand guidelines, mood board, story board, filming, online and offline editing will be brainstormed, conceptualized, produced and published for your business broadcasting needs.


Website Developer
Media App Developer



Our Web and Mobile UX developers are ready to turn your dreams into reality! We’ll work with you in developing applications that suit your vision where you can always add advanced functionalities that will strengthen your relationship with your customers. It’s time to get close and personal with your customers!

Our team

Adjie Hidayat | Strategic Advisor

Nadia Wahika | Chief Captain

Naufal Putra | Creative Designer

Steve Calvin | Account Manager

Febiola Raseliana | Strategic Planner

Adhika Dhananjaya | Graphic Designer

Charisma P| Account Manager

Rama | Account Manager

Gerry | Account Manager